President’s Letter

Greetings Fellow SEBWA members,

I sincerely hope this email finds each and every one of you, your employees, and families healthy and safe. As we move into the Holiday Season, let’s turn off the news channels and take a moment to enjoy the positive things in life. That’s my suggestion and I am sticking to it!!

Through the direction of JSJ and the boards of SEBWA, MABWA, and SABWA and we are proud to announce a joint virtual meeting that will take place on December 4th starting at 10:00am CST. Make sure you register today for this information packed meeting with speakers that will provide impactful facts and suggestions that can affect your business. No matter if you are a bottler, distributor, or supplier, there is information for everyone that can lead to discussion that can help you guide to a better 2021. If you need more information, contact JSJ to see how you can get involved.

As we all get ready for the cold weather slow down, make plans on how you can be more involved in our association for 2021. We need you, your ideas, and most of all, your participation in making next year successful, worth the time you invest, and FUN! We have a great industry that a lot of us grew up in and it’s worthwhile to take it to the next level!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!

Your President,
Malone Garrett